The AlpsAV Patent Pending No-Touch mount is the next generation of digital signage screen mounts. Effortlessly, move the screen Out, In, Stop and Reverse with the ultra-thin universal control wand. One wand controls all AlpsAV No-Touch mounts – making it quick and easy to service any screen in the display – no need to figure out which cord to pull or how to access the screen. Simply slide the control wand (0.4mm / 0.016”) below the screen and get to work. The 8-point micro-adjustment, large comfortable handwheels and high contrast white finish save you time and effort.


Universal Controller

One Universal Controller to open, close, stop or reverse your screen at any position you would like to. Thats all you need to operate the AlpsAV No-Touch Mount.

8-Point Micro Adjustment

Align every screen perfectly, no matter if part of a video wall to match with the surrounding displays or if built into a recessed wall – 

Precise alignment options with comfortable large handwheels are always an advantage!

  • Each Corner In -and Out individually
  • Each Corner Up – and Down
  • Left and Right Micro 
  • Left and Right Macro
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Product Informations and Drawings
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Preventing Pressure Damage to Digital Signage Screens

large handwheels and index

smart lock for lateral macro adjustment