The Frame LED

The Frame LED

For Digital Whiteboards such as Samsung Flip.

Perfectly fit into your cooperate environment.
Hides all Equipment / Installation.
LED in your cooperate color.

A Touch of Modern Classic on Corporate Space


The Concept

While The Frame is the go-to solution when it comes to stores or customer-oriented places, AlpsAV always wanted to bring the brilliance of it to corporate space - as the office dwellers need some inspiration too. So how to get the infamous Frame into your modern office? The LED strip can be the answer!

The Solution

The LED Frame with its easy-to-customize LED strip effortlessly integrate into any corporte space. This AlpsAV Immersive Solution amplifies the aesthetics of any business environment while maximizing the functionality of display mounts using the all new AlpsAV AV03-G2 XL.